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wow, i havnt written in so long, so i think im going to go… - o my my [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 11th, 2005|06:13 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Garden State Soundtrack]

wow, i havnt written in so long, so i think im going to go backwards.

today we went to school, davened, went to waldbaums, brought jay back to school and went home. and by home i mean i went to shaynas and watched part of bad santa with ilana but my mom kept calling (she was so pissed at mr schneider) that i just walked home. in the snow. it was amazing.

yesterday was total crap.

NYC!!! was the absolute shit. i mean, got bitched about 5 times and blitzer deff hates me forever now, but it was so worth it. first they were an hour late so we only had an hour for lunch, so i went with judie judith talia and eliana and got pizza but the entire school went in after us so we left and walked around. at the theatre mr cool kid, aka davidlevin brought me starbucks and i told him and yoni to save me a seat, so they did, inbetween them. but mr page sat there so i went over to ask if he would switch with me and blitzer blocked my way, bitchout#1. i went back to my seat bitchout#2. i fell asleep, denzel wasnt all that amazing, sorry to dissapoint anyone. intermisson was crap so davidlevin and i left (i didnt have my coat) and he bought 4comedy night tickets for $10 and we passed a bum with a sign that said 'need money for 4:20, beer, drugs, and hookers (hey, at least im not bullshitting you)' so david gave him al his money. we went to starbucks and on the way back david got into an argument with someone else trying to sell us improv night tickets, david finally just said that when comparing dave chappelle and jerry seinfeld, 'jerry takes the cake' and we went back to the theatre. zach was pacing the entrance and said he could take it in there anymore so i went in and got my coat and we walked around. we went to toys r us and david got kicked off a bicycle and we just wandered. we got back adn the show was done, we start going up the stairs and blitzer and page were there. she screamed at zach to go to mincha and then screamed at me and david for a while, bitchout#3. i dont understad, if zach doesnt get in trouble i shouldnt either, we both didnt need chapparones. whatev. after mincha yeager and i wandered off and ran into mike who dragged us into every single one of those stores that are all the same. it was great. but of course we thought we were supposed to meet back at 630 when it was realy 6. bitchout (rabbi kahn style)#4. on the bus the three of us had to sit up front as punishment, bitchout (ms astur style)#5.

all in all, it was a great day and david is my love. and i honestly dont know what id do without yeager and mike in my life.

theres more, but i must eat now.

shabbas is not for me this weekened, im going to do my community service helping out  at a gay party. it doesnt get any better than this.